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You may wonder whether wearing an abaya in Dubai is non-negotiable. While wearing a Dubai abaya, trousers, shirts, or any other modest clothes is acceptable, you are not required to wear an Emirati abaya. Simply put, you have a greater chance of navigating Dubai without experiencing any discomfort if you maintain a modest demeanor. 

a woman wearing a beautifully designed abaya with Dubai's iconic skyline in the background.


The simple black luxury abayas have evolved significantly in the last decade with new styles, fabrics, cuts, and colors. Modifications to such a beloved and historically significant article of apparel mirror not only a development in style but also a sea change in values and way of life. For numerous reasons, Emirati women still want to adhere to tradition, so forgoing the traditional black Emirati abaya might be challenging.

Moreover, one of the world’s most famous shopping destinations is Dubai. In this Dubai abaya shopping paradise, you will find almost everything. Everything from high-end clothing to household gadgets, cellphones to purses—you name it. As for women’s traditional attire, the luxury abayas stores in Dubai guarantee that you will find a wide variety. To facilitate your search, we have assembled an exhaustive list of Emirati abaya stores in Dubai.


The Bloomingdale’s at Dubai Mall is an ideal spot to buy designer goods, perfume, jewelry, accessories, and homeware in the city. The high-end Dubai abaya retailer has welcomed A-listers and even greater audiences to its lifestyle destination since it opened in 2010—and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to modest fashion. Get ready to flaunt in Arabic dresses as you make your way through three floors of designer names in clothes and accessories. 

Abaya Mall

If you’re looking for a Dubai abaya, check out the Abaya Mall. They have various styles and patterns, perfect for wedding gowns and daily use. Get unique Arabic dresses and abaya made by one of the mall’s on-site tailors before you depart the city. While there, stop by one of the several jewelry stores to get something sparkly or visit one of the many salons and spas to unwind.


Designer Fadwa Baruni’s namesake line of day and evening attire is easily recognizable as having desert influences. Her feminine designs give the traditional Emirati abaya jacket a modern spin, experimenting with structure and movement via loose shapes and delicate frills. 


Fashioned by customers worldwide, the modest apparel company MOiSTREET originated in the United Arab Emirates. At least one word from the French language, “Moi,” meaning “myself,” appears on the label “MOiSTREET.” Since the founders of this Dubai abaya fashion street think that being fashionable is all about showing off one’s individuality, they made it just for women who wear modest luxury abayas. Create your unique style statement with their designer luxury abayas, which are available in a wide range of styles, are easy to order, and arrive quickly.

You may show off your composure in modest designs at MOiSTREET, where we have modern designer Dubai abaya fashion. Adding more styles to the abaya is their only goal while designing their apparel line. Buying an Emirati abaya and making a stylish statement with the MOiSTREET collection has never been easier. It’s about time this collection finally included some vibrant abaya colors and styles, so they’re making waves. Their thoughtful selection of patterns will brighten your day and provide more options for expressing your modesty.

Hessa Falasi

Models walk the runway during the Hessa Falasi presentation at Fashion Forward
(Photo by Cedric Ribeiro/Getty Images)

This Emirati fashion house is among the most famous Dubai abaya labels in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) area. Hessa Falasi is an expert in modest clothes for both non-Humabis and Hijabis. They have abaya and kaftan styles for any time of day, from morning to evening. Hessa Falasi focuses on experimenting with different materials in their designs, so you’re almost certain you will discover something you love.

Arabesque Abayas

The classic Dubai abaya is the focal point of Arabesque Abayas‘ designs because it is an essential garment for all Khaleeji women’s wardrobes. Their beautiful, sophisticated taste attracts many female customers. A Frenchman is the principal designer, which will startle you. Judith Duriez has understood and met the needs of Arab women since she established the Emirati enterprise in 2001.

Luxury Abaya in Y N M

A ready-to-wear label in Dubai, Y N M debuted in 2014 and has an exquisite assortment of luxury abayas and Arabic dress dresses crafted from luxurious Italian silk organza. Following this, each item is meticulously screened and manufactured to guarantee superior craftsmanship. Yasmin Al Mulla, a London College of Fashion graduate, pours her heart into her Dubai Design District fashion line. She does it all, from choosing color palettes to hand-sketching embellishments.


When it comes to Middle Eastern Dubai abaya fashion, there’s no better Dubai abaya place than Symphony to be lost in the glitz and glamour of Arabic dress flair. Unconventional evening attire from worldwide designers coexists with one-of-a-kind items from local designers on the hangers, creating a lovely mashup of styles that would complement any closet. Stopping by the beautiful patio to see the flowing fountains is the perfect way to unwind after a long shopping day. Symphony at Dubai Mall has something new for every season, so stop by now to peruse the wares.

Abaya in Galeries Lafayette

The biggest department store in Dubai is a fantastic spot to buy formal abayas, with its contemporary Arabic dresses and patterns and stylish atmosphere. Galeries Lafayette, housed in the Dubai Mall—the world’s biggest Dubai abaya fashion and entertainment destination—is brimming with exquisite labels. Choose from a wide variety of flattering statement dresses to trendy modern designs. 

a woman admiring the abayas, and the iconic Dubai skyline visible through the shop window.


Kashkha, meaning “elegant” in English, perfectly describes the formal abayas sold at this shop. They guarantees to provide a cheerful assortment of designs, colors, cuts, and styles to your predominantly black fancy abaya collection, giving a splash of color and pleasure.

For fashionable and affordable Dubai abayas, visit your local Kashkha. It is also well regarded as one of the best fancy abaya stores in Dubai Mall. In addition, you may find their shop at Mirdif City Centre.


Thousands of people buy at Modanisa daily because of the low pricing and wide variety of products, including Arabic dress dresses. In addition to abayas in Dubai online, they offer hijabs, swimsuits, shoes, purses, and more. Why wait any longer to shop there if you haven’t already? 

Al Motahajiba

For more than 30 years, Arab ladies have turned to Al Motahajiba, a prominent Dubai abaya fashion label in the Middle East. This is a top Dubai abaya boutique for fashionable Arab ladies, with several locations across the city.

The formal abayas sold by Al-Motahajiba are a perfect fusion of classic and contemporary designs; they are stylish, functional, and comfortable. 


With an impressive selection of modern styles in various fabrics and cuts, Mounay is among the most sophisticated Dubai abaya boutiques in town. Known for its exquisite patterns, vibrant colors, and meticulously selected textiles, the company was founded in 2013 between Dubai and Beirut. 


Due to the emirate’s openness to tourists worldwide, Dubai has relatively lax clothing codes. Dress modestly in public spaces is recommended to demonstrate respect for local traditions and cultural sensitivities.

Our list of abayas in Dubai online and on-site, ends there. You can always discover a fancy abaya that suits your style and budget among the many Dubai abaya shops available. Learn more about life in Dubai by visiting our website

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