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Best Office Space

Locating an ideal office space in Dubai is a crucial first step for any entrepreneur looking to launch a company there. Some of the largest organizations in the area call Dubai’s well-established commercial or mixed-use districts their home, making them ideal locations to buy or rent an office.

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The emirate of Dubai has long been a powerful commercial center in the MENA region, mostly due to the city’s abundance of appealing entrepreneurial opportunities. Dubai lives true to its name by offering a conducive setting and a welcoming regulatory framework for startups to flourish. Office space in Dubai offers a wide variety of commercial buildings to owners with business options in Dubai seeking office space for rent. 

Things To Consider When Looking For an Office Space in Dubai

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In addition to being at an ideal location for you and your staff, the perfect office space should include all the necessary conveniences for business options in Dubai. It is not easy to find reasonably priced commercial real estate in Dubai. Rent the cheapest office space in Dubai, whether you’re a large corporation or a sole proprietor. When looking for an office to rent in Dubai, there are many factors to consider.


Everyone involved—employees, clients, suppliers, etc.—should be able to easily visit the company office. Depending on the kind of company, certain areas, such as free zones or incubators, may be susceptible to modification.


The availability and quality of the place you want to rent are deciding elements. Consider the company’s budget while deciding between renting or sharing an office space in Dubai. You may find apartments in the competitive market that provide appropriate payment options that are both flexible and affordable.

Fit Outs

Office fit-outs should be carefully considered in light of the company’s nature and the quality of service the establishment provides. When you work with a rental firm that employs fit-out professionals, they will carry out the plan you dream up, and some of them will even be there every step of the way.


The leased office space in Dubai has some amenities that you should be familiar with.  It is important to verify the availability of any extra facilities and business options in Dubai before finalizing a contract. If the developers are offering a choice, custom facilities would be great. The employer’s primary duty is to ensure that the workplace is pleasant for the workers. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the investors to ensure that this role is fulfilled via renting an office.

Lease Agreements

Before signing a three—or five-year lease, consider the following: Most landlords prefer periods of three to five years. This is another fundamental factor to consider before deciding to rent an office in Dubai. Never commit to a long-term lease with commercial office space in Dubai if you expect your firm to expand or grow.


Renting an office space in Dubai is a breeze, but putting up your place is a major hassle and may cost a pretty penny. The ideal alternative is to rent or lease an office space since they often include all the necessary furnishings, appliances, power outlets, internet access, phone lines, and more. Renting an office easier for investors, staff, and clients to access would be perfect. It would be more prudent for investors to hire furnished office space in Dubai if they could predict the company’s future expansions or growth.

Best Office Spaces and Buildings in Dubai

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Sobha Sapphire Building Dubai

You’ll find the 19-story Sobha Sapphire commercial building in Dubai’s Business Bay. Situated on Al Khail Road, the Sobha Sapphire Building Dubai provides commercial office space for rent or sale, as well as three levels of parking, high-speed elevators, and a 24/7 security system. Sobha Ventures finished the project in 2011.

Sobha Sapphire Building Dubai’s office and retail space have high-quality fixtures, including private bathrooms and pantries. There is a prayer room on the podium level and a large area in the lobby with a service desk to greet guests. There is a swimming pool and a gym for those who want to stay in shape. Sobha Sapphire Building Dubai has offices available for rent ranging from AED 105k to AED 299k per year. There is a wide variety of covered surfaces, from 916 to 2,280 square feet. Sobha Sapphire also has several offices available for sale, with prices starting at 934k and going up to 2.3 million.

Dubai Media City Building 7

Dubai Media City is home to several office space in Dubai, including Dubai Media City building 7 (CNBC Building). A business complex consisting of eight buildings includes it. Offices of different kinds occupy the four stories of this particular structure. 

Dubai Media City Building 7has a seven-story parking lot. Office workers have access to about 400 designated parking spots. The building has security measures and CCTV camera coverage to ensure safety. A separate event space is available for more formal gatherings.

A wide variety of options are available for purchasing and renting offices at the Dubai Media City Building 7. The windows are double-glazed and extend to the ceiling. The natural light in the offices is breathtaking. Office furniture, including dividers and the like, is a standard issue. Some cabins feature fitted offices with glass dividers. Balconies are available in certain workplaces, and the majority, if not all, provide breathtaking views of the surrounding neighborhood.

Emaar Square Building 3 Downtown Dubai

The third skyscraper in Emaar Square is a business complex in the heart of Downtown Dubai. This Emaar Square building 3 downtown Dubaiis among six low-rise structures in Emaar Square. The nine-story structure has large offices with modern conveniences, conference spaces, and a 24-hour front desk. 

Within a short 5-minute walk, you’ll find the Dubai Mall. Office space in Dubai Emaar Square Building 3 typically ranges from 2,550 to 8,645 square feet. Ample parking in the basement, views of the tallest structure in the world, roomy apartments, top-notch security, and helpful front desk staff are just a few of the amenities both guests and residents love.

Opal Tower Business Bay Dubai

Opal Tower is a 24-story commercial office space in Dubai located in Business Bay. The skyscraper, which has 200 offices and stores, was developed in 2012 by Mismak Properties. The offices in Opal Tower Business Bay Dubai range from 250 to 16,335 square feet. The annual rent for an office at Opal Tower ranges from around 12,500 to 6,900,000 UAE dirhams.

Office space available for rent at Opal Tower Business Bay Dubai ranges in monthly prices, starting at AED 30,000 and going up to AED 110,000. Shell-and-core offices occupy areas ranging from 1,343 to 1,505 square feet. Their annual rental cost ranges from 150,000 to 250,000 AED.

The location of Opal Tower Business Bay Dubai is quite accessible since it just takes a few minutes for those driving personal automobiles to reach Ras Al Khor Road (E44). In addition, Opal Tower is conveniently located near many public transit options, such as the metro, taxis, and buses.

Dubai Hills Estate Business Park 1

A core-and-shell business park development, Dubai Hills Estate Business Park 1 is a fast-track project. The office space in Dubai has seven stories plus a basement, while a fifth structure has six parking levels. The Dubai Hills Estate Business Park 1’s overall constructed area is 150,000 square meters.

Dubai Hills Estate Business Park 1 is home to Du’s new headquarters, a seven-story freestanding skyscraper finished in September 2022. The staff has one hundred forty thousand square feet of luxurious office and leisure space. Driving from Dubai Hills Estate Business Park 1 to Dubai Mall takes around 20 minutes, Palm Jumeirah takes about 18 minutes, Burj Al Arab takes about 16 minutes, and The Walk JBR takes about 22 minutes.


Compared to an open-plan workplace, a closed-plan office space in Dubai one is superior. The rationale for this is simple: employees can focus better in a closed-plan setting since they have more personal space. If there is less background noise, your workers can concentrate better. The boardroom isn’t the only place where brilliant ideas emerge, which may surprise you. 

Workers often provide some of the most brilliant solutions. While on break or after hours, some workers put their ideas into action. That way, they can address any questions management may have when they bring it up for review. If coworkers can see what you’re looking up or entering into a document, no one can concentrate on their job.

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